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Ragdoll Colors & Patterns

The following pictures explain the coloring & patterns of Ragdoll kittens that we have had at our cattery & that we can produce.

Blue Mink v Traditional

Blue Mink vs
Blue Traditional

Blue means grey in terms of ragdoll coloring

Blue Mink (left) means a full coat of grey coloring

Blue Traditional (right) means a white coat with grey on the face, ears, back, & tail

Mink eye color is Aqua

Traditional eye color is Blue (actually blue)

rogue & panda

Seal Mink vs
Seal Traditional

Seal means Brown in terms of ragdoll coloring

Seal Mink means a full coat of brown coloring 

(in the back/to the left of this picture)

Seal Traditional means a white coat with brown on the face, ears, back & tail (in the front/to the right of this picture).

Mink Eye Color: Aqua

Traditional Eye Color: Blue

seal v chocolate

Chocolate vs Seal

Chocolate is a Diluted version of Seal (which really means brown).

Notice how chocolate (left) is a lighter brown color & overall has a more white coat. You can think of it as a "milk chocolate".

Both cats are traditional therefore they both have white coats & blue eyes.

Both cats are also "mitted". This means they have white "mitts" on their paws.

lilac v blue

Lilac vs Blue

Lilac is a Diluted version of Blue (which is really grey).

The cat on the top is a lilac mink.

The cat on the bottom is a blue traditional.

Notice how lilac has a much lighter grey color on the nose/face & ears.

Mink means aqua-colored eyes (top)

Traditional means blue eyes (bottom)

Coat Patterns

Ragdolls can have a mitted, colorpoint, bicolor, or lynx patterned coat.

(We cannot produce lynx pattern at this time-hopefully in the future.)

mitted v colorpoint

Mitted vs Colorpoint

Mitted (top) ragdolls have white "mitts" on their paws

Colorpoint (bottom) has full-colored paws (note: the cat in this pic is a "tortie", which means 1 of her hind legs are irregularly patterned).



Bicolor pattern means an inverted "V" on the face, color on the ears, back & tail, & white paws/legs.

*If traditional the cat will have blue eyes.

*If Mink the cat would have a darker coat of color on the face/ears, back, & tail, with aqua-colored eyes

The top cat is a Blue (grey) Bicolor Traditional Ragdoll (Our current King)

The bottom cat is a Seal (brown) Bicolor Traditional Ragdoll (our former King).

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