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Nutrience Subzero & Open Farm Cat Food


Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat

There are a lot of preferences & food options out there & many opinions on it all.

We choose to feed our cats & kittens Nutrience SubZero dry kibble as it is an all life stage food.

We add Nutrience Urinary Care Dry kibble to our kings' food bowl to help keep his pH in a normal range.

We feed our pregnant & nursing cats Royal Canin's Mother & Baby Cat dry kibble & soft food for the extra calories needed during this stage.

Kittens are offered the royal canin mother & baby cat or open farm wet food in the morning starting at 5 weeks of age.

Wet food is provided daily to all of our cats with an added multivitamin cheese-flavored multivitamin.

We keep the dry kibble out to feed ad lib with added purina proplan fortiflora. This helps their gut flora-we highly recommended to continue this throughout the cats life.


Worlds Best Cat Litter


Dr.Elsey's Clumping Clay Litter

We use a clumping corn based litter for our cats & kittens. Cats & kittens like the feel of the litter rocks for digging.

We also have Dr.Elsey's clumping clay litter for those kittens who prefer to use so.

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